OMNIHIL AC/DC Adapter/Adaptor for Canon FS, FV, HF, HG HV iVIS, and LEGRIA Power Supply Home Wall Charger


$ 18.96
  • Compatible Models: FS30, FS31, FS40, FS200, FS300, FS400, FV40, FV50, FV300, FV400, FV500 , FV M1, FV M10, FV M20, FV M30, FV M100, FV M200, FV M300 , HF10, HF11, HF100 , HG10, HG20, HG21, HR10 , HV10, HV20, HV30 , iVIS DC10, iVIS DC20, iVIS DC22, iVIS DC40, iVIS DC50, iVIS DC200, iVIS DC300 , iVIS FS10, iVIS FS20, iVIS FS21, iVIS FS22, iVIS FS30, iVIS FS31, iVIS FS40, iVIS FS200, iVIS FS300, iVIS FS400 , iVIS HF10, iVIS HF11, iVIS HF20, iVIS HF21, iVIS HF100 , iVIS HG10, iVIS HG20, iVIS HG21 , iVIS HR10 , iVIS HV10, iVIS HV20, iVIS HV30, iVIS HV40 , iVIS HF G10, iVIS HF G20, iVIS HF G30 , iVIS HF M300, iVIS HF M301, iVIS HF M400, iVIS HF M406 , iVIS HF M30, iVIS HF M31, iVIS HF M32, iVIS HF M40, iVIS HF M41, iVIS HF M43, iVIS HF M46 , iVIS HF S10, iVIS HF S11, iVIS HF S20, iVIS HF S21, iVIS HF S30, iVIS HF S100, iVIS HF S200 , IXY DV S1 LEGRIA HV40, LEGRIA FS19, LEGRIA FS20, LEGRIA FS21, LEGRIA FS22, LEGRIA FS30,, LEGRIA FS31, LEGRIA FS36, LEGRIA FS37, LEGRIA FS40, IXY DV M2, IXY DV M3, IXY DV M5, LEGRIA FS46, LEGRIA FS200, LEGRIA FS305, LEGRIA FS306, LEGRIA FS307, LEGRIA FS400, LEGRIA FS405, LEGRIA FS406, LEGRIA HF20, LEGRIA HF21, LEGRIA HF200, LEGRIA HF G10, LEGRIA HF G25, LEGRIA HF G30
  • Adapter Rating: World Wide 100V ~ 240V 50/60Hz
  • High Quality PSU/Transformer
  • All products are tested to exceed/meet standard specification
  • OVP, OCP, SCP Protection (OVP: Over Voltage output Protection. OCP: Over Current output Protection. SCP: Short Circuit output Protection)